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Hello friends this is thomas from chennai and i bought BSNL Data👎one 256 kbps home plan on Apr 16.The problem i have is today i got a supplementary bill of Rs 33,000 for the month of july after i got my july and august bills before.As they announced earlier that its free upto June 30,i went by it and i didnot download anything(July 1,2) and went to the exchange on July 3 for a name change and there allmost all top officals said as we didnot get any order from the center the data flow will not be counted and also i asked the people at 1600 424 1600,1500 and all said the same thing everytime i called them and this continued till july 13 and suddenly they turned the plate saying the billing has started from july 1 and when i further question they just simply cut the phone.And recently when i went to the exchange to pay my july and then my august bills i asked them regarding july and they said as it has not come in the bill,it is waived off.But now i have this huge bill,i downloaded around 16 GB till July 14 and then stopped.So please help me in sorting this big mess. Please guys tell me what to do regarding the 33,000 rupees of july bill.Has anyone got that much bill,if so when and did u pay it if not then r u going to pay it.did any letter or call came from BSNL regarding ur dues.please reply.please!It was clearly stated on "till june 30th only."Never trust the guys on the call centers and at the exchange.Well just take another phone line from tata. why pay 33,000!! But the mistake is yours...and yours alone...
There are quite a lot of such incidents and people who downloaded heavily in July did get a huge bill.It was clearly stated "upto June 30" and rumours (not official) was upto "Sep 30".I took only the official "June 30" and saved my skin.As earlier mentioned it is your mistake.
Please does anyone have any written proof of the BSNL callcenters or any of BSNL officials saying it is unlimited for July especially from Chennai.Also anyone who got excess bill in ten thousands,have u paid them or is there any chance of waiving the amount accounted for july download by talking with the BSNL officials like the DGM,please reply if u guys have any info.