Query: How to Use My Own Router with Jio GigaFiber?

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Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Airtel Fiber
I got a Jio fiber connection 1 year ago and have been experiencing TERRIBLE speeds over WiFi. So I decided to get a new D-Link dual band router and connected it to the Jio ONT via an Ethernet cable and now I am getting awesome speeds. But, however many times I try, I am not able to access the D Link router's settings through its IP address. I have tried resetting it and setting it up again countless times. Note that the default Jio settings and IP works just fine. Any advice on how to set it up such that the D Link router is accessible would be much appreciated.
P.S. I tried setting it up as an access point too, but that too didn't work...
set it up in AP mode with and change the IP to ensure it doesn't clash with the ONT 😕
I did try that... but can you please help me with the specifics? As in, what IP to assign the access point and whether it should be Dynamic or Static? I am extremely confused...
put the D-Link in ap mode and navigate to the LAN settings page and assign a different IP in the same subnet as the Jio ONT eg. if you access ONT via then configure d-link with subnet mask gateway, reboot and connect it to ONT with lan cable like before 😕

in ap mode once u set up the wifi ssid etc. there's not much else to play around with but the d-link gui should be accessible @