Reliance Jio Fiber is using Quick Termination Fiber Optic Connectors

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why jio fiber is using Quick Termination Fiber Optic Connectors instead of Fusion Splicing for joining a fiber cable at ont device end? Fusion splicing provides the lowest loss and least reflectance, and is considered the strongest and most reliable method of joining fibers. When properly executed, a splice can exhibit a loss of less than 0.1dB. In contrast, fiber connectors will typically yield a loss of 0.2dB or higher.
Maybe they want to save on splicing machine cost. Alteast initially when not many connections on single fiber.
Cause it doesn't matter much, and the ease of deployment with a field installable connector makes training also easier.

The speed doesn't vary as long as you are within the operating specs.
These should be easier to replace too aren't they? I'm slightly paranoid about slightly bending my BSNL fiber installed with a splicing machine. LCO had to bring people from far away with a big case and splicer machine to install this and they're saying it'll cost at least 1500 to replace if I ever broke it.

These joints have a loss of 5-6 db each. Wait for some time the network will collapse as losses will cause disconnections or complete disruption.