Shifting to MTNL Broadband

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Just saw the new plans brought by mtnl on the WORLD TELECOM DAYAnd am thinking of getting the conenctionThose who have been using IT what do u suggest. Will it be worth or will it be same as that of sifyI am thinking of opting for the night Unlimited plan
I dont't know how reliable MTNL is, but BSNL's service is rock solid !Anyway, I think it would still be better than Sify.
If someone can please provide some feedback on the MTNL DSL NU plan I would be delighted. After over2 weeks of telling the Sify people to come over and start the connection, I've given up, now I'm going with some other ISP. So if anyone has tried this MTNL Night Unlimited connection please leave some feedback aout the service
BSNL is expected to slash Broadband rated by 100-150 bucks very soon or else they shall increase the bandwidth from 1 GB to 1.5 or so. This is expected pretty soon. Though source is not as solid that I can put it like a final but we can always be hopeful based on this info.
Yea, competition should make them do it.

One really important thing I'd like to know about is, whether we have to pay phone rental too? I mean if I apply for a new MTNL connection on a completely new number, do I have to pay the phone rental too along with the DSL charges? I already have a Tata FWP, so I do not need a phone, if I have to pay phone rentals too with the 700+/month for the night unlimited then its of no use. Please let me know
Does that mean I will be charged a telephone bill in excess of the adsl charges as in do I have to pay 700pm (adsl charges incl of service tax) + phone rental
Bill Total = Landline Rental + extra call charges + ADSL Rental + extra MB charge + Service Tax + Any other charge if any.Hope it is clear...