Sify Broadband Service Charges!

I renew my internet package online ( and I pay the BASE price for the package (night plan = Rs. 561.20/-) and my CTO charges Rs.575.00 if I get it renewed from his end -- Luckily my CTO is not charging me anything additional -- and I'd give it out to him and his network maintenance -- Hardly 3-4 hours downtime for the whole month !!! (SIFY IS GOOD, its just the CTO that screw everything up for you)
Nothing..neither does he ask for nething..downtime is hardly there....mostly coz of problems@ my building ..even cable goes out sometimes!
my cto charges rs. 100 for non-unltd & rs 150 for unltd (both pure & 150 mb/day cap plans)even i wasn't charged the first time. this is 'coz that we pay the installation & do not change our mind of not taking the connection.also, it so happened that i wanted to take a 3 months plan directly & this cto was dissuading me that u should 1st take only 1 month pack, which i realised later was only 4 his benefit
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i am very frustrated of being a user of sify. i got this connection three months ago. My CTO did not ask any service charge for first two months. And i was happy and felt proud of my CTO, when i heard that you paying $$$ to CTO as service charge. This month my fu*k'in CTO asked me Rs.50.
i asked him why should i pay you?. nothing is mentioned about service charge in, licence aggrement and you did not tell about this. he said this money is being used for eletric bills and server maintenance and for cable cost. i asked him can't you take the money form the package itself. he said our neighbor CTO asking rs.100 we are just asking only 50.

what can i tell him?

is there solutions not to pay service charge to CTO?
how much do you pay?

U r not lucky enough as me. A same thing also happened to me after installion of sify. IN those days I forcibly had to renew my connection through CTO .They were charging Rs. 50 extra per months package irrespective of validity of package for eg. Rs. 300 for 6 monts + package value. CTO said it was maintenance charges.But due to intranal rivalry between CTO n sify ,sify people started collecting renewal money of same price whatever written in revised catalogue at doorstep without involvement of CTO. This had happened about 5 months . After settlement now Cable operator is collecting money n renewing packages without taking thAT XTRA charge of Rs.50 per package. So bettter u do renew online with cust care of sify n pay them directly ............