Solution to MAC Binding :))


Well friends as we know Sify is trying to play games wid the customers... but we will prove that we r better than them..

The solution to MAC Binding is using a software which spoofs MAC Address...

Well u feel i m lying... then pls dont read this...

Name of Software :SMAC
Easy, user friendly GUI for viewing and changing MAC addresses.

Displays all NIC's device ID, Status, NIC description, spoofed (Yes/No), IP, and active MAC addresses.

Users can choose to display detailed information of all available adapters, or ONLY the active network adapters.

Built-in logging capability for you to track MAC address modification activities.
(Of course you can delete the log file at any time.)

Supports Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 systems in all languages.

Provides View Log option (menu File->View Log) to view SMAC activity log from within the SMAC GUI.

Provides "Clear New Spoofed MAC Address" button (X)

MAC address activation required notice is displayed after a MAC address is updated. Users have the option to turn this message off via a checkbox.
??i think we already have this option in easy2.and if u want to know ur own MAC id use troubleshoot of sify will show u ur MAC id.and if u want others MAC id (in ur lan) use angry ip scanner tool.simple and best.
There are lots of freewares to do this 😀. Doing it on Windows 98 SE doesn't even require any special program to do it. You can do it by hand. This isn't anything new 🙂. This topic has been discussed in the Backroom and this thread belongs there 😉
use easysify .. thats all u need 😛 .. There is also a freeware program like smac (forgot name though 🙁 ) .. Btw now i dont think any need to change ip's .. I dont get any i conflict now 😉