Speed throttling of Microsoft Teams on Railwire Broadband

Hello internet, I'm on Railwire 10 Mbps unlimited plan (No FUP). Have observed Railwire is throttling Download speeds on Microsoft teams, I get 2 Mbps max downloads instead of 8-10Mbps. Even upload speeds are capped at 3-5 Mbps on Microsoft Onedrive/Google Drive/ Youtube Studio. Anyone having the same issues and any resolution on this matter? Using Windows 10 (v2004). The software is up to date.

The setup consists of a BBNL Modem and TP-link Archer C6 Dual-band Gigabit router. Have checked by connecting a LAN cable and the issue persists as well.


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I have a 100Mbps unlimited plan and the upload speeds are capped on Windows devices. If you use your phone or any other OS(Linux) you can get 80-90Mbps upload speeds. About the download, it isn't really capped for me but it is poor. I get max 10-20Mbps on random servers.
@data.hungry.person We who are on Kolkata NOC in the East region are having an issue with Windows system. Yes, for a few of us it works with no problem but most of us have not the same but similar issue on Windows. As @WandereR said, you can try on differnt OS maybe Ubuntu, Mac or Android. I would suggest you to also raise a complaint to your LCO and MSP to proritize this and know if It is a known issue to them.
@JB701 WARP or any other VPN will access the internet via windows' internet itself and the issue here is that upload speeds on Windows is poor so that will not have any improvement.