Static IP address provisioning process

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1. Yes, I understand that. I think I mentioned that a bunch of times already. I am only assigning to one interface at any point in time.
2. Yes, and as I said earlier, I am able to establish a PPPoE session with Airtel on my Mikrotik router connected to the bridged port of the ZTE. Unless the bridging process is different for PPPoE and Static IP address.
@MrGordon maybe try to update your ont to 16B by resetting and then try the unlock method method and check if that help?

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@hariselio Yes, I have not ruled that out. But I am not sure what exactly. To rule out a Mikrotik issue, I thought will use a basic router that I have lying around and see if static IP address works when connected to the bridged port.

@SpeedxThunder Interesting, but I get the below when I try it. Which version of firmware are you on?

trying user:"admin" pass:"admin"
reset facTelnetSteps:
reset OK!

facStep 1:

facStep 2:

facStep 3:

facStep 4:

No Luck!
did you change the webui username and password? maybe try to unlock after a reset?

since you have a old firmware i think newer unlock method wont work
try this:
download this repo GitHub - zainarbani/ztelnet
open a terminal in that folder and paste this command
factorymode_crack.exe -l xxx open -i -u admin -pw admin
you will get a user and pass rest of the process is same
Okay so to rule out something on the Mikrotik side, I took a travel router that I had lying around, default configuration. Connected the bridged port on the ZTE to the WAN port of the travel router. Setup the static IP address, no luck. Kept everything same, switched to PPPOE and entered the PPPoE creds, connected immediately.

Not sure what to make of this, other than Airtel having some sort of mac binding which allows the static IP address to work only from the bound Mac which is mostly of the ZTE ONT.


PPPoE Works


Static IP, but no response to ping to gateway or any public IP address.
@MrGordon I can confirm, there is no MAC binding. I also have static IP from last two years and in last two days have changed my WAN MAC address four times. Moved from Opnsense to Edgerouter to IPfire (VM) and now to Vyos (VM).
I don't have Mikrotik experience. If you can help me with the Mikrotik CLI, I can boot up CHR VM and test it out for you. Can't use Winbox as no Windows machine at home.
At the same time, please connect your laptop on the Airtel ONT bridge interface and put static IP on laptop with gateway. Hopefully it should work. If it doesn't then issue is on Airtel side