Suggest a 2T Non-Inverter AC for top floor room


I need to buy new AC for 190 sqft room top floor (sun directly hits the roof). So I know I need at least 2 Ton, but confusion is many people says that few brands 1.5 Ton AC's cooling is equivalent to 2 Ton in the other. So which brand I need and what tonnage?

A bit history on why I want new AC.
My first AC was 1.5 ton Voltas non inverter, It ran good the first year but cooling reduced from next year.
Many technicians have visited only to tell me that my AC is running perfectly. God knows what happened. But it won't chill the room as it used to do before and the compressor continues to run and room temp goes down but very slow. After so many diagnostics I came to a conclusion that because the unit was not vacuumed at install time, it's cooling efficiency was reduced but all technicians deny this fact. But I don't want to waste anymore time and money on this, I would rather buy new. My current AC already 5 years old now but this problem started happening since 2020, I bought it in 2019. In a nutshell I want to avoid this voltas brand all together.

Back to where we were, this post is about which brand's AC is must buy and what tonnage do I need 1.5 or 2 and it's cooling capacity, I want non inverter only.

get carrier 1.5 ton ones those are good or the Hitachi 2 ton .
wont recommend Daikin its too loud.
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@anmolbhard004 are you sure you're suggesting 1.5 T for 190 sqft room? Little noise is not an issue for me, the AC needs to cool the room and all is forgiven. There's another I heard good things about, O general, they claim the cooling capacity of around 5300 W.

Also, no matter which technician or shopkeeper I ask, they told me to avoid inverter ac's, why?
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Get 6000W or higher (2T). I have 195 square feet room, Direct sunlight on 1 wall and 1.5T Daikin is barely sufficient. At 46C outside temp, It can only get my room's temperature down to 26C. 2T has higher initial cost but it'll run quieter and consume less power.

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And there is no point in avoiding inverter ACs. Shopkeepers say that because arguably part availablity is worse than non-inverter acs and they might be more expensive to repair(common complaints are with pcbs)

This doesn't make sense because,

1. There are almost no companies making non inverter acs anymore.
2. In a few years when you do have a problem, Part availability will improve and become a non issue.
3. Get a ac with the standard 1 year comprehensive, 5 year pcb and 10y compressor warranty. Voltas and a few other companies have problems with pcb and should be avoided.
4. If your house wiring is subpar, You won't have flickering lights and other weird annoying problems with inverter acs since they don't cycle and don't stress the grid the way non inverter acs do
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Make sure you install outdoor unit on rubber feet to reduce noise and long term damage from vibration. I don't know if they do that in cities, definitely didn't do it in my area until I asked them to fix it
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Somebody on youtube said, no point in taking inverter AC's if there's air leak or if room is not fully insulated. My room which is about 200 sqft taking direct sunlight from the roof with one window, is not fully air sealed.

When outside temp is 35, my current 1.5T AC is struggling to get my room's temperature down to 28C, that too after running it for hour and so.
As soon is AC is turned off, room temp goes up very fast. So it's not possible for me make it fully insulated. Many people suggested me to install false roof but that just feels like additional expenditure.

The current AC used to work great like I've said in the initial post, but since the next season it's cooling is reduced. Back to the main point, I don't know how inverter ac will benefit me in this situation. I will only be running it in day time for about 3-6 hours.

Also even if I buy inverter AC, I will only be assured for 5 years on pcb, which is not too settling for me. I will have to pay for the pcb in case it goes bad after this period. Not to mention in case it goes bad during warranty period, I will have to lodge complaint, then wait for technician visit, then they tell me this pcb part Is not available and have to wait.. It's too much additional hassle. Perhaps I will buy inverter type ac in future but only hoping to get fixed speed one for now.

I can shell out for 1.5 T seeing the future benefits but 2T from o general seems like too much on my budget.
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