Suggest a 2T Non-Inverter AC for top floor room


I need to buy new AC for 190 sqft room top floor (sun directly hits the roof). So I know I need at least 2 Ton, but confusion is many people says that few brands 1.5 Ton AC's cooling is equivalent to 2 Ton in the other. So which brand I need and what tonnage?

A bit history on why I want new AC.
My first AC was 1.5 ton Voltas non inverter, It ran good the first year but cooling reduced from next year.
Many technicians have visited only to tell me that my AC is running perfectly. God knows what happened. But it won't chill the room as it used to do before and the compressor continues to run and room temp goes down but very slow. After so many diagnostics I came to a conclusion that because the unit was not vacuumed at install time, it's cooling efficiency was reduced but all technicians deny this fact. But I don't want to waste anymore time and money on this, I would rather buy new. My current AC already 5 years old now but this problem started happening since 2020, I bought it in 2019. In a nutshell I want to avoid this voltas brand all together.

Back to where we were, this post is about which brand's AC is must buy and what tonnage do I need 1.5 or 2 and it's cooling capacity, I want non inverter only.

They give 8 years paint warranty as well. I did it to waterproof my top floor kitchen roof. It costed around 2500/- for a 10 ltr bucket from asian paints. 2 Painters took 5 hours to clean and apply multiple coats.
I can't comment on temperature difference since it's a new construction and seeing it's first summer.
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2 Painters took 5 hours to clean and apply multiple coats.
Multiple coats in 5 hours, that's super fast. I've heard that after applying it, one has to be careful when walking so that coating doesn't come off. Also my roof is regular RCC type, not sure if such paint will stick to it. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.
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Does anyone of you use LG dual inverter AC's ? I see their cooling capacity is the lowest one, 1.5T is 4600W, and yet people says it's cooling efficiency is superb. Is capacity just a number in LG ac's?
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4600w is at 100% .
Their max cooling capacity is around 4800-5000 based on the model . You have to run it in "Viraat mode" to get 110% cooling capacity
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I've had not very good experience with LG 1.5T AC on top floor room. The ac would run at full capacity and still would struggle to keep comfortable temperatures.

That's the reason I opted for Daikin for newly constructed top floor. I still have to test the cooling though since floor's finishing work is still going on.

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So in a nutshell, heavy duty machine ( like o general, Mitsubishi electric) can work for my purpose even if it's 1.5 T, while the rest I have to go for 2T only.
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@nitin_g3 on what temperature do you run ac in top floor as well as non top floor room ?
Also we can only look cooling capacity in Watts to compare ac's and LG's 5000 max cooling capacity seems fine , I guess
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