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I wanted airtel to upgrade my connection from copper to fiber (available in my area). In order to make them do it can I temporarily upgrade to higher plan say 999 and then shift to a lower one within a few days or do I have to wait for the billing cycle to complete. Also note that I have already changed plan once in current billing cycle.
Afaik you can only change your plan once in a bill cycle, otherwise their system goes haywire.

But if you’re already on one of their standard plans, I don’t think you’ll need to upgrade to a higher plan to get fiber.
If you need fiber XFiber In AIRTEL than re wiring will be needed,you cannot get fiber speed in copper

And plan change is one time allowed per bill cycle
I guess airtel is asking to upgrade plan for change of medium from copper to fiber.
Threatening to disconnect works best in this case. But yes can easily change back plan after fiber upgrade.
499 is officially available on fiber right? kind of crazy that they would force a customer to upgrade just to migrate to their fiber network. they should be welcoming anyone leaving their old copper network. but that's airtel.

i guess i would find out when airtel launches fiber plans in my area.

@Sushubh they say that my current plan of 40 mbps is working fine on my copper line so upgrading to fiber is not necessary.
Had just changed my plan from 8 to 40 mbps in the current billing cycle that’s why was concerned will they allow changes in plan for 3 times in one cycle
You can demand more upload speed. As fiber 499 plan get 40mbps+ upload.
Also better place fiber upgrade request via twitter.
@igloo thats what I told them. But then they started lying that fiber is not available in my area.
They will get back to me in two days they said.