Tp-Link Archer C6 V2 queries

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FYI, the value of -11 is HIGHER than -20 so you have it backwards.
I really NEED this feature, so I really hope I don't end up in a soup. 😛

Yes, I have it enabled. Comes really handy.

You guys would have to teach me how to install OpenWRT, I am an absolute noob.
@Samuel it is not a big deal you can follow this up for better understanding of the procedures and various models in archer c6

Detailed guide for OpenWrt-Tp-Link-C6

OpenWrt Official website for Tp-link-C6
I really hope it's not a big deal. I've also seen some people configuring it for PPPOE connections, because I've one. So let's see how it works out.

Do you guys have it installed?