Upload Speed on Airtel Broadband

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i am saying when i upload a file in any server like link-removed i get this upload speed
ok yours is fine plz other users post your results so that we can build a case against airtel
so are you satisfied with airtel,did you complain about your reduced upload speeds.imo thay are liable as they have reduced the quality of service without telling us and without reducing the tarrif.who thinks that they can be sued?
i am not satisfied with airtel i have complaint them and they said that i ll get upto 150kbps upload speed under normal conditions and in real time i ll get below 100 kbps.i said what about 1:1 ratio and they said that one download slot is given to me and is not shared with others.so i said what bout upload and they said we are only concerned about download speed .so warthog get them to the court😡and u are also at home 799 plan please post ur screenshot

mate i know its a bad suggestion. but i would recommend moving to the 1499 plan... i think they messed up the 256 plan when they reduced the prices from 999 to 799...
not only they messed the plan..they have messed their reputation also..now people will be thinking twice before taking airtel..anyways luks like Airtel wants to be in the same club of TATA INDCOM.( Sucking BB club)😛
I went there just for inquiry.I was told to write my experience in writing & proof and then they would launch a case.I would also need other users signatures about the issues they are facing(as to have a solid backing) but i think this is just a waste of time.
Airtel is not liable as trai has only issued download speeds guidelines.As airtel's policy for upload speed is 1\3 so we should get only 8kbps in a 256 k plan and still after speed reduction i am getting 15kbps(before slowdown is was getting 30k).

Even if i take them to court as i had posted before it would be transferred to TDSAT which would take months for the case to be settled.

What i propose is that every user who has experienced reduced upload speeds write a letter to the secretary TRAI.If we all complain about airtels unethical marketing then trai would respond in kind.
atleast you lazybumps😛 can write a letter?.

write the letter to Shri RK arnold,TRAI secretary
you can get the address by going to the trai website.
write subject pref:"airtel's unethical marketing".Also tell them to have a symmetric speed till 512k plan and 2:1 starting 1mbps+ plans

I am just a college grad so this is the most i can do.
SO what do you think?Can all gurgaon users who are affected come to the consumer court(near civil lines opposite the judicial court complex) or we all flood TRAI with our letters?

also other isps also have these type of ul speed.mtnls delhi website has min ul speed for 2mbps is 256k but till 512k its is 1:1,same with bsnl and tata has 1\3 policy just like airtel.sify also provides 1:1 in 256k plan.

Broadband Speed

the only sentence used by tari for upload speed states
"While certain application like Email, Voice and video chatting can be supported by a bandwidth of 256 Kbps, real-time applications
involving video and multi-media applications will require much higher
bandwidth. Certain application like VoIP and Tele-education can be
better served with a symmetric broadband connection "

Atleast i tried,now you have to do the same thing.We are brothers in arms in this war,they might have won the battle but we would win the war.The preamble of our constitution starts with WE THE PEOPLE and not we the corporations.

I am confident that airtel is liable to be sued as they are practicing unethical marketing.

ps: i know airtel staff are reading this and tracking me so you can just shove it.I have my rights.🙄