Which gas stove are you using?

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I want to buy a new gas stove. I have done a lot of research, read reviews on Amazon, and watched video reviews on YouTube. I also visited some stove shops.

I live in Ahmedabad in case that makes any difference to what kind of customer service we get for FABER stove and others.

I am very tempted by the FABER stove because it has 5 years warranty on the glass top while most other stoves only have a couple of years warranty.

but I was warned by someone that FABER has very poor customer service. does anyone have a FABER stove? how is the customer service? How well does it work in general?

Till now I have always used Sunflame but I am told that now Sunflame customer service is also poor. does anyone have any experience?

I looked into Prestige but Prestige seems more expensive than even the FABER stove.

So which stove would you recommend and why? I read the glass top has various disadvantages. if hot water falls on it, it could crack.

Or if you clean the stove with a wet cloth after something hot spills on it, it could crack because of the sudden difference in temperature.

Would you recommend a glass or Steel top? And would you recommend auto or manual ignition?

Several people have told me that automatic is now a bad idea since today's stoves come with batteries and often water spills over and blocks the point where it Ignites.

or water spills on to the battery and the battery in an auto ignition stops working.

l make rice most days, and the rice often spills over, so I fear auto ignition may not work for me. What would you suggest? thanks for any suggestions.
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faber support is alright here in gurgaon. for induction however, it took them around a week to replace a part and bring back the product. gas stove repairs are done on premises so not an issue there. though i am not a fan of how much maintenance they require lol. this is for a glass top auto ignition mode. it's nice but it is also painful.
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Thank you. Why is it so painful? Why do glass top auto ignition stoves require so much maintenance?

because if they are that difficult, I would definitely prefer to buy a steel top. So do they break down often or something?

What difficulties have you run into with glass top?

does boiling water or milk or rice water often spill on your glass top? because rice water often overflows on my stove, so I fear that my damage any glass top.

And I was also told that if water often overflows, it will seep into the battery.
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battery in my case is well protected at the bottom. so that's not an issue i have seen. but the metal plate under the burner needs regular cleaning otherwise they get full of black gunk. regular burners are hollow as in they do not have a base below the burners so there is nothing to get collected that keeps on getting burnt up.

and the other problem is what you already mentioned. the igniter thingy and the holes on the burner also gets blocked regularly due to stuff falling on the burner. so the burners have to be cleaned up regularly and aligned so that the auto igniter works. one of them always is blocked at any given time at my place.

we have had to get the thing serviced twice and the burner is in first year of ownership. this is not something you need to get done with old fashioned burners. basically as long as you clean the burner area 2-3 times a week and make sure nothing is getting collected blocking the flames and the igniter, it should be fine.

i also bought the faber induction from Amazon during diwali sale in october. and it stopped working within a month of use. faber guy took it for part replacement and i only got it after a week or so. basically, service support is fine but would get expensive once both the things are out of warranty.
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@crossword Try to avoid glass top as an incident happened with me we used the stove normally at night and then around 11 pm we slept then around 2 am there a sound didn't know what it was when i woke up next morning I found the glass top cracked, that was the sound which i heard at night the glass top cracking, must have happened due to temperature difference stove must have heated the glass and outside temps must be around 10-11 it was winter months as in Kota,Rajasthan.
Based on my incident I suggest you to avoid glass top. Happened at my grandfathers home. Don't remember whether it was surya or sunflame.

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have been using prestige glass top [ it has a Schott glass that comes with a lifetime warranty] have never tested it anyways by breaking it ,
but glass is glass and it breaks, so if you have a clumsy hand , or have children you should buy a steel one.
Agree with Sushubh regarding the deposition of black gunk under the burner thing , mine drip tray is now rusted and there is now no point in cleaning that.
Also, I will not recommend Prestige their service is trash[ will vary city to city], although spares are cheap.
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There's a three burner Faber gas stove in my kitchen. Earlier it was a glasstop from a different company.

A 'friend' forced me to get a steel stove citing the news that glasstop gets cracked and that can be dangerous.

Looks like Gaurav has already shared his personal experience.
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