Bsnl new plans released in uttarakhand?

today i called my sdo as the selfcare portal is still showing old plans and he said that the new plans are only for new customers as they are promotional plans.
earlier i have seen in poles that some peeps got new plans in uttarakhand.
if anyone know how to get new plans here please help.....
Disconnect and get a new connection. Don’t disconnect physically otherwise you will have to pay LCO again. Ask BSNL to keep same account number for you so that bills adjust. I have done this before but you need to know someone in BSNL or they might give you different account.
Only disconnect broadband and not landline so that you can retain same customer id and after disconnection apply again for broadband with promotion plan
got the updated plans in uttarakhand via selfcare. though the speeed is still capped at 90mbps for 200mbps plan. Will contact them. my internal networking is 10gbe with cat7 cables and switch, so the issue might be from the bsnl side.