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I had implemented bridge mode sometime back and it did work nicely so I backed up the router - Utstar - settings file and saved it.Since for some reason I was getting frequent disconnects after which the router did not reconnect automatically I switched back to router mode.Yesterday I reloaded the bridged mode settings file to the router to give it another try, but forgot to reset the settings in Local Area Connection Properties of TCP\IP protocol where they were set to :1. Obtain an IP address automatically.2. Use following DNS : ,, I switched on the router the Local Area Connection icon showed status of 'Limited or no connectivity' and after all 4 LEDs of router were active I dialled through with my original dialer and connection was established.Now my Dialer shows on the Details Tab of the Status page that I am connected through WAN Miniport(PPPoE),Device Type 😛PPoE, Server Type 😛PP, Transports :TCP?IP, Authentication 😛AP, Server IP :, Client IP (mine) : I disconnect via dialer app. and reconnect I get new IP everytime, the server IP remaining the same. This connection has same speeds as the bridged connection but disconnects less frequently or not at all!Hence it is bridged connection but without LAN implementation.Also now I cannot ping or access my router at Dialer application is set to Obtain IP address and DNS Server addresses Automatically.Any comments anyone?
Man wat r u trying to do?If u want to ping ur router and want to access it, open the Lan connection properties go into TCP/IP properties and assign as Ip address, Subnet Mask as and default gateway as
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Finally, I found a foolproof router reboot method, no tricky macros, no timer circuits.

Let us first find out if this reboot method works for you, and we will discuss the scheduling part later.

But first, let me clarify, I have tried this only on D-Link DSL-502T router and though, this should work on any modem, I personally have no experience. Secondly, I have tried this on my router atleast a 50 times now and there is no problem whatsoever BUT, but I'm in no way responsible if your hardware loses any or all of its functionality as a result of this method.
Go to Start > Run

type \"telnet\" without quotes

In the telnet window that opens, type \"o\" (o for open) without quotes.
You will get a login prompt. Enter the login you use for the DLink router ronfiguration page. Enter the corressponding password on the next prompt. At # prompt, type \"reboot\" and press enter.

At this point, there will be a \"Press any key to continue...\" prompt in Telnet. Now, I'm not sure about this but knowing the flaky nature of DLink 502T, I would advise you not to do so until the router has rebooted completely and USB/Ethernet and ADSL Link lights have come back on. In any case, waiting is not going to hurt, better safe than sorry.

Meanwhile, if all goes well, router would have rebooted and you would be back online. Triband usage page at will reflect the same. For your satisfaction, you can also check your IP address at, before and after the reboot.
For scheduling the reboot, download TST10 from downloads. It is a tiny freeware Telnet utility with support for scripting. Extract the utility to a folder on your hard drive. e.g. C:\TST. In this folder, create a new text file. This is the file in which we will write the script for TST10, so name it anything you like e.g. reboot.txt. Edit this file in notepad and type the following. Remember to type the quotes as well and do not type the top and bottom lines, which I've added here only for clarity.
Start of script(don't type this line)---------------- 23
WAIT \"login\"
SEND \"login_id\m\" (enter your login ID here)
WAIT \"Password\"
SEND \"login_pass\m\" (enter your password here)
WAIT \"#\"
SEND \"reboot\m\"
WAIT \"#\"

End of Script (don't type this line)------------- is the address you use to access the router configuration. 23 is the port to which telnet connects. Replace \"login_id\" and \"login_pass\" with the login and password respectively, that you use to access the router configuration page from a browser. Remember, keep the \m after the id and pass.

Now simply create a scheduled task using the inbuilt Windows task scheduler.

Important: Create a task to run tst10.exe with the command line parameter /r:reboot.txt.

Important: Remember to set your firewall to always allow TST10.exe to connect to otherwise it won't be able to work.

Voila 🙂
Also, some of these steps may need you to login as administrator. Try it a few times to make sure it works.[/b]

I am able to succlefully connect to
it then ask me for username "BusyBox on Localhost Login: "
I enter "admin" which i use to enter my dlink configuration page
and the same password "admin"
but it gives me a message saying " Login Incorrect"
Please Help !

Wow, cool script. Thanks for the post. For those who are still wondering how to schedule this and how to add command line parameter, please do following in Windows' "Scheduled Task".Run: c:\tst\TST10.exe /r:reboot.txt
Im afraid I too am getting the same "Login Incorrect" message as quoted by nischal above. I have used both admin/admin and TelephoneNumber/CANumberbut both are not getting logged in. Any ideas?
Hi Nischal
Noticed all of u discussing abt disconnecting.or rebooting...
I jast stumbled upon a tiny proggy (211 kb)which can do this..more:...

This application will automatically reconnect an internet connection when it disconnects. It will work on any Windows 'Network and Dial-up' connection - Broadband ADSL, dial-up modem, RAS..

Main features:
Connect / disconnect to the internet
Automatically reconnect if your connection drops, with settings to retry every user decided milliseconds
Saves username + password entered for the connection
Amount of retry attemps settings
Able to log connection details to a .txt or .log file: Attempts, date and time, etc.
Able to start-up when Windows starts
Automatically connect to internet on start-up of application
Minimize to system tray when connected
Timer to set date and time to either: Disconnect at this time, or shutdown PC at this time
Saves your settings and screen position for next time you open ReConnect
Animated system tray icon when connecting, and visual colour change for when connected
Single .exe file is small and fast, and sits discreetly in the system tray, ready to reconnect a disconnected connection

check this out and say thanks if u find it useful