Gigabit Broadband

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Well, good news for indians all around India. Being one of the first countries to try out gigabit broadband technology, expect speeds to sky rocket. Check out this link.

Now we'll know true broadband, hopefully in a couple months time.
Indian firms are not willing to offer megabit speeds and you're talking about gigabit? And who will be the first one to offer it? bsnl? Don't think so. These guys are so scared of offering 256k unlimited, their gigabit plans would be something like 1gbit, 1GB, 250 Rs. It would take 8-10 seconds to use up you monthly quota. :lol:
Well, government owned ISPs won't start this off, but companies like reliance will. Hey it's a start man, and yes there is a company offering 256 kbps unlimited. Lets see how this turns out though.
if i get gigabit net access in this life ("is janam me") i will eat my own undies
can our "normal" comp cope with such speeds..i mean can our harddisk save (1/8) GB in one secondbcoz the transfer speed of my SATA is 150MB/s......
anyone insane enough to be getting himself a 1gbps connection would know his hardware.
Well most computers nowadays can handle gigabit technology, even routers can. So I don't think that will be that big of a deal, the only thing is, it's going to be commericialized, and let's see when it comes to us residents 🙂.