IPv6 Enabled But Doesn't Work?

@alap4m Then it is the same as me. Until your confirmation I was worried that it may be some issue on my ONT or Router model but if you're going through the same issue on OpenWRT then it clears my ONT and Router part.

I don't know how Chip got IPv6 in Maharashtra but he seems hesitant to show any IPv6 test results.

For this problem, one reason could be that BSNL has enabled IPv6 at BNG but the BSNL devices between the BNG and Our router aren't properly configured. But in this scenario we should not even get an IPv6 address.

I don't know much about networking but I'm sure only BSNL can fix it.

The question is how to make them work on this issue?
@!!..PD..!! Thanks for the update.
Yes, It is VERY Weird.
Either IPv6 should work or it shouldn't. How can there be an in-between, wherein ONT Gets IPv6, and even passes on the same to the downstream Router?
If ONLY The ONT was showing IPv6, it would have meant BSNL has merely switched on IPv6 but isn't assigning IPv6 addresses. However, even the downstream Router getting IPv6 proves BSNL has started to offer (hand out) IPv6 addresses.
It appears ONLY IPv4 tunnel or routing is taking place. This suggests BSNL Node (between our router and BNG) refuses to pass (rejects) all IPv6 requests and addresses onward to BNG.
BSNL Technical experts may need to change certain Firewall settings and allow IPv6 packets to pass through.
This seems to be a last-mile (between BSNL Node and BNG) configuration issue as BNG seems to be IPv6 compliant.
It's true but i complained to BSNL (twitter) in December and I've have been asking them about it every month.

All they say is "Please patience, the work is in progress".

I've even asked them for a call from the department which is working on this issue but they reply the same "please patience" line and don't arrange any calls.

They're not willing to explain what the problem is or how long it will take.

When I talked to my District BSNL office and told them that older firmware version in OLTs do not support IPv6 they directly refused me over the firmware update for OLT and said that they cannot do anything about it.

Basically customers can be asked to update stuff but they cannot update their own stuff.

My honest opinion is: The people sitting in the BSNL office don't want more work and they don't know how IPv6 works or what IPv6 is.

The only people who truly hold any knowledge over it is BSNL BNG team, NIB team and NOC team. BSNL office won't share there contact info or help you get in touch with them.
@!!..PD..!! I think this could be a problem of obsolete hardware and firmware, coupled with the ignorance and arrogance of BSNL Babus.
BSNL babus managing between the BNG backbone and the end-customer could also be clueless about networking. Their ONLY job seems to take complaints and forward them to LCO. If they fail to address then the customer must approach the SDO.
You could try filing a complaint with the Consumer Grievience Portal. As there's a clear circular (with a deadline) mandating BSNL to implement IPv6, consumers MUST get a working IPv6.
It seems the BSNL BNG team has done its job of implementing IPv6. But the middle-men Babus are just warming their seats.
@alap4m try going through BSNL and then raising it Via PG portal.

Right now I'm focused on Realme and I will be taking them to the Consumer Court.

Do update here what happened to your case.

I'll do a tweet by including everyone from BSNL And DOT and see how it goes. Till now I've only been asking about it to BSNL and I do have a complaint number so I'll add some more people to my tweet.

When I'm done with Realme issue then I can move to BSNL ipv6 as i know BSNL lazy people are hopeless.

Also, try the PGRMS portal first, you get a complaint number and they respond faster compared to the NCH portal. If they don't help then you can move to consumer helpline and use that complaint number to file a complaint.

I wish you luck and do update me on how the PG portal goes for you.
@!!..PD..!! This is amazing news. Good for you.

I tested ping from directly within the Syrotech Combo device and it failed for IPv6. Hence, it is definitely a configuration issue.
Do post your progress and success, with screenshots.
We can use them to approach BSNL and get IPv6 configured correctly.
Who did you contact or who contacted you?
I doubt if any LCO or BSNL babu sitting in the local BSNL office has any idea about backend IPv6 configuration issues.
@!!..PD..!! yo buddy about v6 test results but trust me its there. And guess what? I don't need to prove it with screenshots etc that you keep harping on.

To me v6 is a darned addressing scheme and not some shiny new thing that does something extra for me. Remember, I get v6 on Tata Fibre and Airtel too. So my tertiary BSNL connection passing or not passing tests really does not matter to me