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MTNL Broadband
Having stayed with Sify for more than 3-4 years.....I have finally decided to move for MTNL tribandI have applied for 590NU plan with modem. or should i buy my own modem.....how much does an ADSL modem cost.Is it worth giving a Rs 500 non refundable security and Rs 50 pm or should I buy my own CPE.Also How long does it take for them to install the connection. I wanted to get it installed in JAN as I am pretty busy these days but applied today as they have waived off installation , testing and 1st month rental till 22nd dec.Is there anything like a specific model or brand of modem that i should ask them
my power button on the modem UT 300R2U has gone bad due to switching on/off procedure for night unlimited, but i am not worried 😛 since the modem is on rent. so please consider it if ur on night unlimited.
I think some one here bought Netgear router similar to what mtnl provide for about 1600Rs with 2yr warranty. Thats a good deal becoz for 2 yrs your modem won't require any additional maintanence.Whereas for mtnl it is 500 + 50*24= Rs1700.So a nice deal if with 2 yr warranty.
i have bought Netgear router for something around 1600 with a 2 year warranty.the model number is DG632.i dont know whether mtnl provides this modem or not but the triband head for my area suggested me this one.working fine and until now, i did not have any issues.even the support is good and they have a toll free number with knowledgeable staff.not like the ones with sify.even i had shifted from there. i suggest u buy ur on CPE especially when u are getting a 2 yr warrenty.@GSV13i think the 10% tax is levied on the rental charges but im not sure.if it is levied, then the cost will come to 500+55*24=1820.so even after paying a high amount to MTNL, u dont own the CPE.which city are u in.if in mumbai, i can give u the contact details where u can buy it.dont know about delhi.u can contact netgear directly on tollfree numberthis is the toll free number 1800-425-4327.hope this helps u.please reply.
thanks.actually i have not received a bill yet.so i dont actually know the tax rate.but is it levied on the CPE too.

But i want to test MTNL 1st. Thats why I am keeping Sify for a month . so i have decided to go for rental scheme.Also how long does to get the internet working from the time they land up at ur home.They have not called me or contacted me yet.....it has been 3 days.also do they prvide a new modem or used modem. Is there something to be kept in mind while taking a modem ( like USB or LAN).
do one thing, call up ur exchange and ask for the triband office .call them up and speak to the head.tell him it is very urgent.i got the connection in a day after i bought my router.
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but is it levied on the CPE too.

Yes! 😉