Mtnl Mumbai Launches Unlimited Plan At Last!!!

i wud suggest u check other threads first and then post.. there is already thread talking abt unltd plans.that too from 3-4 days.
Mtnl ppl got mad.delhi unlimited 256 kbps @ 799.Bsnl unlimited 256 kbps @ 999.Mtnl mumbai 256 kbps @ 2500. (baap ka maal hai kya 😡)What are this ppl trying to prove.They we are certified mad ppl.and this is our proof and certificate.
what the ****ing ****???? God damn it. Why cant they just give eqaul status to mumbai users. Delhi gets it all and mumbai suffers it all.....its piece of shit.
i thought only TATA is mad to increase the prices but MTNL too has followed the same policy :yahoo:
Looks like inflation running through MTNL lines😢...Sky high prizes....Who **it going to take that plan???:wall:

Yes man, sad but true, Delhi cost of living is cheap, MTNL Mumbai has gone mad, I mean 1500 was okay but 2500, only business people can afford like cybercafe etc.🙁 Same goes with taxes, they tax mumbai like hell in order to help Bihari transport their cattle by passanger train:wall:
MTNL babus wants to cash in the demand that MTNL Triband has got thinking that any price they quote people are there to cash in just connection and then change back to normal plan after a month..Mumbai is loaded with so much taxation nothing could be done for it...:redface:
Mtnl ppl got mad.

delhi unlimited 256 kbps @ 799.
Bsnl unlimited 256 kbps @ 999.

Mtnl mumbai 256 kbps @ 2500. (baap ka maal hai kya 😡)

BSNL UL is 750 rs now😛