MTNL Mumbai Launches Xpress Unlimited Broadband Plans With 2Mbps Speed

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MTNL DNS issue. Manually set DNS servers as and either in windows or in modem.
problem solved.
Thank you very much dude. I really had a tough time explaining the problem to uncles/aunties. They kept on blaming the lineman for unstable line, while the line was stable all along.

I've entered DNS in network configuration of my laptop. Browsing/VPN/Outlook problems are solved. However, I need to enter them in my router, without which I can not access Appstore, Tapatalk and many more apps from iPhone.
iPhone has option to enter DNS manually under Static IP settings. Add any static IP within router's IP range.
Call 1504 aunties and explain the problem. It is this $hit that I am very happy with my current 888 UL plan.

well I did, they gave me another local no. I spoke to her she said if the problem is from her side it will sort out in an hour, still getting 512 only, I put up a complain in 1500 , their tech called 2/3 times, one lady even dared to say "it's in the plan that they will give anywhere between 256 to 2 Mbps !!!!"

Anyways still trying to fight, but looks in vain and soon I will reach 15 gb as it is by then.... I can't even change back to my old plan till next month...
Guys, anyone knows what is RENT-FREE LANDLINE written below those plans in the picture? Does it mean no 500rs. RENTAL for phone which I get every month?? That would be just WOW!