MTNL Mumbai Launches Xpress Unlimited Broadband Plans With 2Mbps Speed

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Well done, MTNL. Finally, we're moving towards logical plans.
Good and useful plans. Anyone know what the pulse rate would be for the landline? they have mentioned the call rate as Rs 1/pulse, not mentioned the pulse duration though.
Oh god. Not all plans are launched keeping in mind your personalized requirements. It just happens that my office requirements perfectly match these plans. However i use 2mbps UL (No fup) at home where i do a lot of downloading. So these plans aren't for everyone, just like a 2mbps UL expensive plan is not needed at my office.

1 year of 256 kbps UL plan for Rs 3245 is a very good plan.I have an Airtel 4 mbps UL plan with 25 GB FUP for which I pay Rs 1543 per month (service tax included) in my office. On that plan I get download speed of around 70 kbps when downloading from torrents. One can't download even legitimate things like CentOS using that connection. On the other hand one will get 256 kbps UL on MTNL for 300 odd bucks per month inclusive of tax or just under Rs 10 per day. That is a very affordable price point for many and that too without BS like FUP or throttling of torrents.
I have first time applied for change of plan Current Plan: 749 Unlimited Converted to 750 Unlimited 2mbps upto 15gb Lets see when they change
My plan got changed can anyone confirm 15gb will be valid from 1st Jan or from today itself im getting 2mbps speed
FUP plans are stupid in India. The FUP plans with 100GB monthly limit should become a standard, i prefer sticking to low speed unlimited plan. 1-2Mbps Unlimited is better than going for 2Mbps for 60GB and 1mbps rest of the time :\