New Dell PC- On line purchase experience

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i was in a "customer facing" technical support role for nearly 2 yrs and god was it hell... heh
Also they charge me Rs.800 for installation and there was no guy to do the installation .. Although I did tht myself but for wht they charged me Rs.800 ... When I ask customer care abt this they told me installation guy will come after 3-4 days ... So i told them tht I have got it installed myself and I want refund of tht money ... But they refused and said tht I shouldn't have selected tht option while configuring ... But truth is tht I did unchecked tht option and the site refused to proceed until I check tht box ... Needless to say customer care denies tht .. Other thing is tht when payment is made by credit card they even ask for cvv number

Same story. Installation is charged compulsorily and cannot be bypassed. The sales guy wanted the CVV no. of the credit card for validating credit card payment? How funny?
ya nothing to beat the total control you have over what parts to put into an assembled pc 🙂 not to mention its cheaper too
assembled rocks for me!!! :thumbsup:

you assemble laptops ??? 😛

i was in a "customer facing" technical support role for nearly 2 yrs and god was it hell... heh

customer facing in da sense ?? u meet face to face ?? or just tech support over phone
nah not face-face (thankfully), it was phone/email."customer facing" is a general term used for any role where you interact directly with your company's customers, whatever the mode...
Check this out:
From The Chronicles of George

The world of technical support is like a reflecting pool. To those who exist outside, it appears to be a deep, mystical place; bottomless, terrifying, foreign. The truth, however, is that the pool is only about three feet deep, and the bottom is grainy silt over sharp, hurty rocks.

I should know--I work technical support. Not phone support--long ago, I served my time in Call Center Hell, and I would never go back to that. No, I now do internal desktop support, face to face support where my customers are also my coworkers. The job is interesting, in a masochistic sort of way. You find there are generally two types of people who work desktop support--those who do it because they have no ambition and are lazy, and those who desperately want to be system administrators, but are too inexperienced. I am currently in the latter pool.

From January 2000 to September 2001, I worked at a medium-sized Internet startup in Houston, Texas. At this company, we had two tiers of support. There was Tier 1, the Helpdesk. These poor bastards sit in a big glass area and take calls from our on-site lusers. They're supposed to do as much troubleshooting as they can without getting up out of their chairs. If the luser's problem is too complicated or too inconvenient to solve via phone troubleshooting (or if the luser is too stupid or stubborn to handle instructions), the Helpdesk person creates a trouble ticket and assigns that ticket to Tier 2, Desktop Support. I was Tier 2.

For fourteen months, from March 2000 to May 2001, there was one particularly amazing person working Helpdesk. His name was George. Actually, his name was not George, but I will refer to him as George, because even though he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, he doesn't deserve to be publicly humiliated. And I don't want to be sued or something. Yeah, that would suck.

George's Tickets, Page Three

omg those two were funny... hehehe 😀 i'm havening lots of doubts and receivening no support and my cp is diening :rofl: * cp = instead of saying pc or cpu ;P