Planning to file a case against Airtel

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Hi all,I really had a very bad experience with Airtel in the past few days. I had registered a complaint on 15th March to get my connection re-wired. I had updated them with my new contact number. No one calls me and they had closed the complaint without my consent. Still not getting my problem solved on 18th March I call their CC again. They say, my complaint has been attended to and that my connection is working fine. I got damn mad and started to shout @ them... I said if my connection was fine I wouldn't be calling you in the first place. Then, the guy apologizes for their mistake in closing the complaint without the consent of the customer. Now he says that someone will come to my house the next day to fix it. I happily leave for office leaving home someone to attend in case the guy shows up. But NO!! Then again i call them and I intimidate them saying I'm going to file a case against you guyz in Consumer Court and TRAI. The maximum number of days for repairing a connection (I reckon) is 2 days. So then they say they are prioritizing my request and that it'd be handled ASAP. But after this conversation and 3 more similar conversations nothing has happened even after I said I'll do it with Airtel. I have paid all my bills properly and have proof of payment. The date of registering my connection is Nov-2005. No one has called me despite giving 3 Alternate numbers (One my official mobile, personal mobile and another BSNL Landline). Now how to go about filing a case against Airtel? I am forced to do this because of their recklessness. I have a friend who works in NDTV so would it help if I approached the media for assistance? Plz... guide! This is serious!! Guyz... are these enough for filing a case against airtel? I'm so fed up!! I need some vengeance against Airtel for all the frustration i went thru..... Regs,Amu
Escalate your matter to :: Airtel :: local Nodal officer first by giving him the details of your complaints and the number the CC generated for them, also at the bottom is the link for the Appellate officer (nodal's boss), that is if the Nodal fails to get the matter sorted.
Ok... processing now! ^ Thanks Karan bro... 🙂
@members/amuthan/Always send any complaint by email. You get an "auto generated"receipt followed by a complaint registration number. After that CC will contact you on PHONE only. Nothing in writing by email ( seems aware/afraid of consumer court TRAI etc !). Still you are not satisfied, NODAL and another "higher up" really take action.In your case , i think it is about relaying the cable in your house/flat, the work, which I think they have subcontracted to some private party. ( BSNL also does the same . All the lines were re-routed through PVC pipes recently in my house )) Say, you are getting high attn , intermittent connections, and you will get a 200BX1(one) modem with a new facility Client TR069, which automatically re establishes connection/s. IN Chennai, believe me, my complaint to CC on Phone , was attended within 5 minutes same day, and new modem provided. No questions ! I am still retaining Airtel BB , as standby to DATAONE.
Done... Here's what I've sent:

ATTN: M/s. Shamik Das & Prashanth Kumar Goswami

Dear Sirs,

It is with deep regret and frustration that I am writing this letter to you. I had registered a complaint with your Ineffective, Useless and un-intellectual Customer Care center on 15th March for getting my DSL line to be re-wired. The complaint number given to me by your operator was 4655938. Now, when I call back again on 18th March to know about the status of my request a Guy by the name of Karthikeyan had closed my complaint. Your rep is telling me my connection is fine. I said "If my connection was fine, I wouldn't be calling you in the first place". See, I have so much work that involves me to get connected to the Internet constantly. If you cannot provide a quality service do not advertise that! Now I have been using Airtel since November 2005. Not once did Airtel had to remind me for paying my bills. I had previously registered very few complaints with Airtel which were attended to immediately. The maximum time it took for the same re-wiring person to come earlier was just 4 hours. I was content with your service until the recent present. I personally canvassed for Airtel and made 5 people to choose Airtel over other ISPs. That much was my loyalty towards Airtel for their service. But then I call up again and another guy (some Raveendra Kumar), politely apologized to me and had updated 3 of my alternate numbers and registered for a callback. Again NO ONE calls up. Then I get frustrated and I call your ill mannered CC just to get my call transferred from one Dept. to another. I'm so frustrated that I have decided to surrender my Airtel connection, file a complaint against your poor service in Consumer Court and TRAI, I'm leaving tonight to Hyderabad to meet my friend who works for the NDTV 24X7 News channel to take up this issue to the media in case corruption tries to destroy the harmony of justice. I had called 3 times in a single day (ie Fri, 21 March, 2008) just to get a callback stating what was the problem. The last I spoke to was one Ms.Nageswari and Ms.Kalpana. They have given me another complaint number viz. 4840424. I don't understand why you are not giving priority for your loyal customers... The issue has disrupted all my work and I'm going to hold all of you responsible. This mail is just a reminder being sent to you. I have been directed by my legal advisor to send a mail to the Apellate Authority before I proceed any further. Please bear in mind that this issue is serious to me and I am just willing to go to any extent for what I have been offered by Airtel for being loyal. The final deadline for solving my issue would be anytime on Saturday, 22 March, 2008. If I don't recieve a callback (at the least) I'd be forced to file a case against Airtel. And I want an explanation for disrupting my work for a week, just because I chose your stupid service. I am so confident that I would rather go with other service providers if your not providing me the service that I am paying for. Don't hesitate to call me anytime. For my contact info refer to your idiotic Customer Service representatives who have every single detail excluding my medical history. If that is what is required to get my connection right then I'd even furnish that. Please NEVER advertise that your providing Customer Satisfaction!! And one more thing since this issue came up, I never get the Full promised speed of 512kbps ever since I switched to this plan. I am so pissed off for being loyal to Airtel. Thanks for all your services. Thanks for all your replies.


@essbebe - Even me it has never took Airtel more than 4 hours to get any complex issues to be solved. But this one I really got pissed off because of their non-responsiveness. I'd have settled if they had given me a fixed deadline like 2 days or 4 - 6 days time. I even wouldn't have bothered to call them up. But everytime they update my contact info and no one calls up... Its frustrating. I keep thinking that today my connection would get restored and when I come home! NO!!! Its not done yet!! The issue I'm facing is maybe due to problem in MODEM also. I have stressed that point too... But no one has come up! As a customer that is what I could do the maximum. If I had the knowledge to re-wire it myself, I wouldn't have had the need to call up CC. Then what is classified as SERVICE????? Why the hell do we pay for their SERVICE???

yes its better to talk to some higher officials like nodal officer and all before filing a case.keep updating us with everything.Best of luck,

err. i see u haven't experienced the BSNL CC yet... You can feel their IGNORANCE ooze out of ur handset :wall:Neways all the best !I dunno why this is happening to u.. i actually took up airtel coz of their service + the CC.. (CC comparatively better than wat the others have to offer)I hope ur problem is resolved one way or the other... 🙂If u are planning to file a case with TRAI.. do us a favour.. if u can..Get them to change the definition of broadband to minimum 1mbps :evil:
I hate to be a pessimist here but I think it will take a long time if ever for action to be taken in a country like ours.
Naah, the Nodal officer has one week to solve the matter or it can be used against him and Airtel in court. They are usually the best means to get the matter resolved properly if the CC aren't able to.
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