Using ethernet as uplink for Jio Fiber router

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Jio Fiber
My story:
I have two Jio Fiber connections. I bought two because you get just 1 Jio TV set top box per connection.

I haven't recharged one of the connections. Jio people keep calling me every month and request to do a recharge. I have put that off for a long time but I want to do a recharge once in a while so that the system does not mark the account as inactive or something.

Only challenge is, I don't want to change WiFi config in all my devices. I have a dozen IoT devices and reconfiguring them is a pain.

Now I could create AP with same name and password but then I won't be able to use both routers together (actually having 2 APs with same details would work but I won't have control over which AP the devices pick)

My main question: Irrespective of whether you find any work arounds for problem above, as matter of technical curiosity, I want to to know if I can configure Jio Fiber router to use an ethernet line for uplink connection instead of fiber.
Why would you want to use Ethernet uplink instead of Fiber ? I did not get you.
You will still have 2 connections right ?