Which will be better choice(value for money)?

Currently parents using BSNL FTTH 599rs+GST=707 plan(60mbps/3.3 TB)=Yearly plan not available so≈8500/year
since 449 plan is not available in my home region( Don't know why)
Airtel FTTH is offered me connection
Basic Plan 499+GST=590 plan(40 mbps/3.3TB)≈7100/year
While local isp is providing (40mbps/Unlimited) yearly for 5000rs.
Data Usage is very minimal(Hardly 300gb/month)
Which will be better choice?
I think airtel would be great if you prefer uptime and better routing, also if your local isp use airtel backend, it would also be good
If you make a switch, there will most probably also be an installation charge involved. In my city, local isps on avg charge 4k bucks. Also, airtel charges installation with the 499 plan here.

If you're just a regular everyday user, I think continuing with bsnl is okay. Bsnl doesn't have a penchant for revising their rates very frequently. Also, i think the 599 plan has now been migrated to annual as well. With annual plans, bsnl offers a month extra i believe.
Airtel is reliable if wiring is underground till junction box. Else only routing n billing advantage.