Apple store download and account not working

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Jio fiber (300 mbps), airtel fiber (200 mbps)
From past day or so i am not able to download or update apps from Apple store on airtel ftth. Though when I switch to mobile data everything starts working fine.

can anyone of you that is on airtel ftth connection check if apple app store downloads are working or not?

also are you able to load following url ?

That URL doesn’t work but I can download and update apps just fine on both my iPhone and iPad.

Edit: It loaded up the third time, but sometimes it just says that the server stopped responding. It’s pretty erratic.

so is it airtel that is having issues with this url or problem at Apple’s end ?

Right. Routing seems to be the issue. Going to raise a complaint on Twitter.

even was also not loading yesterday but was fine with jio and idea mobile.