How much time will it take to get the new plans on BSNL FTTH?

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I applied for the Fiber Premium plan on 1st October and the service status is still showing as open. How much time will it take to get the new plans activated? I tried calling my LCO, they said they haven't received any information about the new plans yet. I also tried calling the 1800 number but it is not reachable. Can anyone please help me out with this?


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Same here. I have submitted it on Sept 30th night. We may need to write a letter to the BSNL office to change the plan.
I got new connection on September 29th and accidently opted for the 20mbps plan during application. I contacted my nearest exchange and asked to change the plan to 100mbps 750GB 1277Rs plan on September 30th. They said it will take some time and wait.

On 1st October 7pm, still I did not get the revised plan. At the same time I was able to register my account on the selfcare portal (till then my account did not exist in the portal when I entered my billing account number for some reason). Then I submitted my request via the portal and in the end it said 2-3 days to change the plan. Now its 4th October and no changes to plan is made yet.

My assumption is that by 2-3 days, BSNL may have meant 2-3 Working days. I gave the request on 1st night. 2nd is public holiday, 3rd was yesterday and today is sunday. So, technically only 1 day passed since request.

I have no idea how BSNL operates and just making up assumptions at this point as their website, customer care, etc... seems to be from early 2000's cavemen era compared to other ISP's. I would have taken up connection with any other ISP if it was an option. Sadly in my rural area, only BSNL provides 100mbps speeds.

I am deciding to wait it out till end of this week and if no change in service is seen, I will try to contact them via customer service, email, twitter and also I have no idea about the letter I gave to my nearest BSNL exchange and what happened to it to change my bradband plan...
By the time we get these plans 1 month out of 3 months would be over . This is BSNL`s pro level tactics by promising customer a Unlimited plan and then keeping them on a FUP so as to keep the customer satisfied mentally😛