icici just doesn't work

my brother is a fresher and got his 1st job and his company has partnered with icici.
he went to icici for new salary account opening. 1st time did not work and they asked to return kit. 2nd time partially working that is all offline services work like card and cheque given in the kit but none of the online services worked like internet banking, mobile banking, upi...etc. closed it and this time went to main branch and opened a new salary account with new number and email. things still do not work.

the problem is absolutely weird and annoying.

his account is open and he got his passbook and this time he choose for the kit to arrive home by courier but still half of the things work.
the problem is that his phone number(a new number) doesn't seem to be associated with the bank at all. like when he opened account he got otp and when nominee data was uploaded, pan, aadhar was uploaded he got message but after 3 days of all that neither he gets transaction alerts, nor upi detects that his number is associated with an icici account nor imobile detects that he is a customer. it is as if his number is just not registered yet when i see his application form i see his number registered.

i just don't understand what is up. now he has a account but can only put money and no further info on what is going on or how to withdraw because his kit has not even arrived.
you cant reach customer care, you can't reach them via email. there is no way to reach a human customer care.
i have salary account in SBI(the bank whom everyone likes to abuse) and I got my salary account activated and all online stuff functioning with 4 hours.
my brother and me are literally frustrated and don't know what should be my next step.
any kind of help is appreciated.