Need some advice on Refrigerator

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So we have been getting pretty high electric bills given our use and Dad brought up this topic of replacing our old Samsung refrigerator double door(DD).

I have following points.
1. We are a family of two, so capacity upto 200 litres should suffice. Hence was looking for SD ones with frost-free and 5 star rating.
2. Main priority is energy saving. I would have easily gone for Samsung single door(SD) 198 litres, given its 5 star and inverter compressor except for the rear water tray. We don't have provision wherein I can manually go and clean the tray at the rear end. It's blocked on all three sides.
3. Are there any good energy rated frost-free SD machine available in market? Amazon/Google didn't show any result.
4. If no options, how energy efficient are DD one's?
5. Which brands to go for, more specifically who gives better after-sales support?
Are inverter series from any brand, really energy efficient or just a marketing gimmick?
Any idea how to determine the capacity? My dad says our old fridge is 165 litres, but I doubt it.